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Leon's Resume for Linux SA

  • Basic

Name: Leon Li (李勇)
Gender: Male Age: 29

  • Contact

Mobile: 18611113090
Mail: pityonline@gmail.com


Linux System Administrator

Personal Description

I am a *nix lover, open-minded and easy-going. I have great passion in hacking, and strong ability in learning new things fast and well. Been using Ubuntu/Linux for 4 years, learned Bash/Shell, Python & C, desiring to learn more. Experienced in LAMP/LNMP, GIT, WORDPRESS, OPENVPN, LATEX, used a Ubuntu based VPS for 3 years. Vim & Google are my best friends.
I also love books, movies, music & workouts and all things which can make life better. Collected over 10,000 songs, and run 1,000km in 2 years.

Computer Skills

  • Programming Languages Shell/Bash, Python, C
  • Platforms Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android
  • Tools Vim, Git, GIMP, LaTeX, Office, Dropbox, Google, Wikipedia, iPod Classic, Kindle
  • Social Twitter, IRC, Douban, V2EX.


  • 1990-2001 Been educated for 11 years, good at all my classes, but I quit from high school because I can’t afford the tuition fees. So I just learn things all by myself.


  • Customer Service Technology Engineer

    • 2008.11-2012.5 In Optoma Corp. as repair engineer. Been good at repairing DMD projectors, done many onsite services well in North China and Northeast of China. Also worked as system admin, maintaining the infrastructure for 3.5 years.
  • Network Engineer

    • 2006.8-2008.10 In Yurui Communication Tech Ltd,. as network engineer. Learned PBX, Intranet, Internet building, testing and cabling.
  • Bars & Restaurants

    • 2004.9-2006.5 In ADRIA & Traktirr restaurants as waiter, foreman, intern manager, manager. Learned some Italian & Russian, retrieved a stolen wall painting.

    • 2003.3-2004.7 In Yunmeng & The River bar in Sanlitun as waiter, bartender, manager. Learned and practised oral English, got along with all the guests.

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